Jacqueline Wheatley, owner and L.M.P., offers an array of massage and spa services, specializing in medical massage, sciatica, chronic pain, headache and auto injury.


Spa Services

Luxurious Jojoba Body Scrub
A lavish application of creamy scrub and extracts of sage and rosemary are massaged into the skin, leaving it velvety smooth.
60 minutes for $85

Soothing Back Treatment
This journey begins with an application of a warming mud to relax tight muscles while performing a detailed scalp, hand and foot massage.  A precision back, neck and shoulder massage follows, removing tension from areas that are prone to stress, creating the ultimate experience in relaxation.
50 minutes for $75

Healing Mud Wrap
An ancient Indian ritual that consists of a generous application of organic black mud, which is a natural blend of botanicals, minerals and essential oils that soothe tired and aching muscles.  Includes sugar exfoliation and relaxing face and scalp massage.  Excellent for fighting fatigue.
60 minutes for $90


Herbal Body and Tea Wrap
Wrap yourself in this unique herbal quilt.  This customizable treatment leaves the skin beautifully soft and supple.  Choose from our fresh herbs of sage (calming), rosemary (balancing), or lemon balm (energizing) to balance your mind, body and soul. A light moisture application will leave your skin hydrated and glowing.
60 minutes for $90

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap
Luxuriate and detoxify in this neck-to-toe body wrap, while your skin absorbs and benefits from the rich array of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential oils abundant in this seaweed imported from the Coast of France.  Results are spectacular and the skin is left toned, hydrated and silky smooth.  Includes sugar exfoliation and relaxing face and scalp massage.
60 minutes for $110

Heat Therapy Wrap
This exceptional treatment delivers a rich formula with potent minerals like copper and zinc.  A warm, bubbling application of Sedona Desert mud is applied and the skin is instantly revived and energized.  Includes sugar exfoliation and relaxing face and scalp massage.
60 minutes for $90

Massage Services

Scalp & Shoulder Massage
Swedish massage focusing on the neck and shoulders, where you carry most of your stress and tension.
30 minutes for $40

Hands of Healing Relaxation Massage
A personalized massage that blends fluid Swedish movements with deeper therapeutic techniques.  This healing massage will relieve soreness and provide an overall sense of well-being.
30 minutes for $40 | 60 minutes for $70 | 90 minutes for $110

Deep Tissue Massage
Designed for those who prefer firmer pressure.  This work is slow, deep and very specific.
30 minutes for $45 | 60 minutes for $85 |  90 minutes for $130

Hot Stone Massage
Natural stone massage can unlock tension deep within the muscles, relieving stress and help you achieve total relaxation.
60 minutes for $100


Maternity Massage
A gentle massage designed for the expectant mother, focusing on the needs and discomforts that accompany the joy of pregnancy.  This is a delightful treatment for the mother-to-be.
60 minutes for $75

Labor & Postpartum Massage Package
Massage during labor can help to decrease anxiety, pain, the need for pain medication, and even shorten the length of labor.  Jacqueline Wheatley would be on call from 38 weeks of pregnancy and respond when labor begins.  This treatment is meant to relax, calm and bring serenity to the mother-to-be as she brings new life into the world.  In addition, after the mother is home and ready, a relaxing and nurturing postpartum massage is included.  This massage is held in the comfort of your own home to help relax a mother to a newborn baby.
Package for $400

Massage Packages

Hands of Healing Relaxation (60 minutes each)
1 for $70
4 for $260  ($65 each)
6 for $360  ($60 each)
10 for $550  ($55 each)

Deep Tissue (60 minutes each)
1 for $85
4 for $320  ($80 each)
6 for $450  ($75 each)
10 for $700  ($70 each)


Parafin wax  $15
Scalp Massage  $20